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Why yes, I speak to groups!

Speaking to groups is one of my favorite things to do! Whether you are a book club, have a group of students who would enjoy an author visit, or a womens' gathering and need a motivational speaker, I would love to speak at your event!

Let's Connect!


Shoot me an email to check availability and let's discuss how I can meet the needs of your event.

I can't wait to hear from you!

Previous Events

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The impossible is possible...


What would it feel like to look back on 2021 and see a trail of success? 

How would your life change for the better, if you accomplished everything you set out to do in 2021?

What has held you back in the past, that you are willing to let go of now? 

Join me for this much-requested 2.5 hour Goal Setting Workshop, where we will work together to focus on your specific goals for 2021, strategize on how you can achieve them, and stay on track throughout the year with forward progress. 

Your registration includes the Workshop, a 2021 Goal Planner book, and a 1 Year Membership to Doers and Dreamers, a private Facebook group that will check in with you for accountability, encourage you throughout the year, and provide support and strategies all year long.

This event will be held in a large room, allowing for social distancing as we work. 

Who Are You_ Thumbnail.png

Who Are You?

When God made you, He didn't just speak you into existence. He took the time to create you, and in that process, a longing, a desire, a dream to do something special was placed on your heart.


But gets better. Not only did God place that dream in your heart, he specially equipped you for success as you chase that dream.

He loves you enough to carefully and tenderly craft you in such a way that you will only find success when you chase after that longing that He gave you. Don't let that purpose pass you by.


Today, relentlessly pursue your dreams, knowing that God has you set up with everything you need in order to be successful according to His will.

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