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Jennifer Looft, Author

Let all that you do be done in love.

1 Corinthians 16:14

About Me

Jennifer writes books for anyone who likes a good love story with characters who are compelling and strong, and anyone who wants to enjoy escaping into something happy for a bit of time. She strives to do all things in love, as that is her highest goal in both her personal life and writing career.


A native Texan, she calls the Dallas/Fort Worth area home, where she lives with her supportive husband and two creative children, She has also lived in New York, Tennessee, Alaska, Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois. Growing up in a family who moved around the nation often, Jennifer quickly realized the value of her automatically built-in friends (also known as her little sisters). The bonds of sisterhood still run strong, as she still lives near her sisters and delights in spending time with her five nieces and nephews.

After a long-time career as a teacher, she has taught across all grade levels, from PreK to seniors. But her true favorite audience is junior high students. Having taught this age group for over a decade, she has been the recipient of many “bless your hearts” and “you are a saint” from those who would never step into the jungles of junior high teaching. While she appreciates the sentiment, she simply has a particular fondness for the quirks of preteen angst.


In addition to teaching, she has worked several jobs, and her highlights reel would include costume designer, hot dog demo girl, Kool-Aid Man, radio DJ, theatre director, and Christmas store manager.

She is currently a member of Faith, Hope, & Love Christian Writers, North Texas Romance Writers, and Southlake Writers. 


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