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The Baker's Batter: A SWEET Love Story

Madeleine Malone's small town bakery is her dream come true, but her bank statements are not exactly sweet. Whipping up a successful business is the only recipe she can’t seem to master. Well, that and finding love. Her dating life is as flat as a fallen soufflé.

Luke Taylor’s big city career is on the rise. His all-star charisma kept him center field in high school as the town’s Home Run King, and it carried him all the way to New York City. His next grand slam? Host a makeover show for a failing business in his Texas hometown.

Madeleine's crush on Luke has been preheating since high school, but Ryleigh High's baseball hero was too busy swinging for the fences to take notice of his little brother’s best friend. This time, things could be different.

But when Luke finds out that his company, Greyson Media, wants to take ownership of Madeleine’s bakery once the makeover is complete, that’s one curve ball he didn’t see coming.

Work In Progress

The Mechanic's Match

Book 2: Romance in Ryleigh

Holding Ball & Racket

Could this match's final score be Love All?

Car Mechanic

The Mechanic's Match: Game, Set, Love.


Dillon Taylor has been in his big brother's shadow for most of his life. After all, Luke Taylor is the hometown hero. But Dillon? He's just all hometown mechanic

Becca Fairchild has coached enough tennis matches and served enough coffee for a lifetime. But she can't get away from her family's expecations...or their legacy. 

With a fresh start on the horizon for them both, can their friendship shift into second gear? Or will they be playing as singles?


I write because I love words.
I find their magic enticing, calling to me to use them wisely.
I have seen words connect people and break down walls.
I have seen words break hearts. I have seen words repair them.
I have seen words soothe an ache, stop a worry, and offer comfort.
I have seen words take someone's breath away. I have seen words give life.
I have seen words offer an escape. I have seen words inspire change for good.

Words are powerful, and I hope my stories offer a glimpse into the beauty and love in our world.
When you read my stories, you know you are getting a clean and wholesome romance that will make you smile from start to finish. 

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