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Madeleine Malone's small town bakery is her dream come true. But her bank statements are not exactly sweet. 

Luke Taylor's big city career is on the rise. His big break? Host a makeover show for a failing business in his hometown.

Madeleine's crush on Luke has been preheating since high school, but the town's baseball hero was too busy swinging for the fences to take notice. This time, things might be different.

Can this former hometown star whip up a success for the town's favorite bakery and save it from closing? Or will they both find themselves deep in the frosting?

Work In Progress


I write because I love words.

I find their magic enticing, calling to me to use them wisely.

I have seen words connect people and break down walls.

I have seen words break hearts. I have seen words repair them.

I have seen words soothe an ache, stop a worry, and offer comfort.

I have seen words take someone's breath away. I have seen words give life.

I have seen words offer an escape. I have seen words inspire change for good.

Words are powerful, and I hope my stories offer a glimpse into the beauty and love in our world. 

The Baker's Batter


Meringue Kisses

Navigating this relationship will be no piece of cake.

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