I write because I love words.

I find their magic enticing, calling to me to use them wisely.

I have seen words connect people and break down walls.

I have seen words break hearts. I have seen words repair them.

I have seen words soothe an ache, stop a worry, and offer comfort.

I have seen words take someone's breath away. I have seen words give life.

I have seen words offer an escape. I have seen words inspire change for good.

Words are powerful, and I hope my stories offer a glimpse into the beauty and love in our world. 

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Who Are You?

When God made you, He didn't just speak you into existence. He took the time to create you, and in that process, a longing, a desire, a dream to do something special was placed on your heart.


But wait...it gets better. Not only did God place that dream in your heart, he specially equipped you for success as you chase that dream.

He loves you enough to carefully and tenderly craft you in such a way that you will only find success when you chase after that longing that He gave you. Don't let that purpose pass you by.


Today, relentlessly pursue your dreams, knowing that God has you set up with everything you need in order to be successful according to His will.

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